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Historical Studies

EH 4210 Catholic Social Thought: Movements, Models, & Martyrs

The faith filled contributions of Catholics from a variety of fields of endeavor (beyond theological disciplines) have shaped key principles of Catholic social thought, teachings and action. Such are the influences of the likes of Albert de Munn, Rene de La Tour du Pin, Women of the Plaza de Mayo, Aurora Donoso, religious sisters in Iran – and more.  Their faith-filled action, strategy building, and personal witness has brought to the Church more effective and persuasive means for living the values of the Reign of God in the world and across time.

DH 4220 Rediscovering Vatican II: The Background, the Documents, the Theology

This lecture course will first set the event of Vatican II within its historical context and will offer a brief overview of what happened in the Council's Four Sessions from 1962 until 1965. It will then reflect on the four major Constitutions that the Council produced--documents on the Liturgy, Revelation, the Church, and the Church in the Modern World--and on selected additional documents, such as those on the Laity, Missionary Activity, Non-Christian Religions, and Religious Freedom. The course will be conducted in two periods. Period One will consist in an hour fifteen minute presentation by a CTU faculty member on a particular document. Then, after a break, students taking the class for credit will spend the remaining time discussing the assigned document and readings.

CH 4301 Constants in Context: A Mission Theology for Today

Weaving together a systematic theology with mission at its core and a global history of the world Christian movement, this course traces the patterns by which theological constants are shaped in changing contexts in developing relevant mission theologies.

SH 5001 Christian History and Spirituality through Art and Architecture in Italy

A handful of significant cities have been the backdrop for many of the important events and people that have shaped our Christian faith. This interdisciplinary course studies significant moments, movements and figures pertaining to our history and spirituality. This two-week course takes place in the Italian cities of Rome, Assisi, and Florence. Students learn on site about the role of art and architecture in promoting the Christian faith. (Taught every two years)

HD 5010 Theology of the Second Vatican Council (Seminar)

This Seminar will reflect on the history and theology of the Second Vatican Council as found particularly in the four major Constitutions and in selected Decrees and Declarations.

CH 5322 The History of Muslim-Christian Relations

An investigation of Christian-Muslim relations from the early seventh century CE to the present. Specific contexts of focus include but are not limited to: the early Muslim conquests, the Crusades and the fall of Constantinople, the Bosnian genocide, twentieth-century Algeria, contemporary West Africa, contemporary Southeast Asia, contemporary Palestine, and the rise of Islamophobia in contemporary Europe and the U.S.