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Pastoral Ministry

MP 3000 Theology and Practice of Ministry (3 credits)
Explores ministry as daily lived experiences of accompanying particular communities and individuals within the diversity of the Roman Catholic tradition. Attention is given to the relationship between theology and ministry, ecclesiological dimensions of ministry, and  the functions of ministry. Students develop means and resources for cultivating ministerial identity, collaborative leadership, pastoral strategies, intercultural and contextual competencies.

*Option to fulfill MDiv and MAPS level 1 requirement.

MP 3001 Pastoral Ministry in Ordinary Time (3 credits)
Explores the opportunities, challenges, and daily realities experienced in the contextual practice of ministry with communities of faith. The course considers theological foundations of ministry as accompaniment; develops critical and analytical skills necessary for ministry; and examines cultural and contextual dimensions of ministerial and communal identities.

*Option to fulfill MDiv and MAPS level 1 requirement.

WMP 4000 Communication Skills for Ministry (3 credits)
This practical, hands-on course cultivates the skills of scripture proclamation; the development of oral and multimedia presentations for teaching and faith formation; the facilitation of interpersonal communication in difficult conversations; the use of old and new media in facilitating small group discussions in intercultural contexts; the role of the visual arts and music in worship, teaching, and pastoral communication; the writing and production of digital media for parish communication in print and online; and the pastoral planning of internal and external communications.


EMP 4001 Management and Leadership for Ministry

This course explores the responsibility of those called to ministry to provide effective administrative and managerial leadership whether they serve in increasingly complex parishes, religious congregations, diocesan offices, or other Church related organizations. The course gives particular attention to the theological and ethical foundations of pastoral leadership as well as management theory and practice, communications and marketing skills, and fundamental principles of human resource management. It also examines best practices in compliance and organizational ethics with emphasis on mission integration and ongoing professional development of staff.   Fulfills the required MP4310a-f Leadership Skills Workshops.

MP 4001 Current Trends in Theological Reflection  (1.5 credits)

Theological Reflection is a critical tool for ministry. This course provides a foundation for understanding its goals, methods and applications. Students will explore multiple current methods, adapt them for various ministerial contexts, and develop skills in forming and facilitating theological reflection in their ministry praxis.


MPC 4103 /5103 Pastoral Ministry in U.S. Hispanic/Latino@ Contexts (3 credits)
Demographics indicate that Latin@s currently constitute the largest and fastest growing population in the U.S. Catholic church. This course privileges Latin@ theological scholarship and explores the histories, experiences, and diversity of these communities and the implications for pastoral ministry. *MAPS students may use this course to fulfill Level 1 requirement.

**Required Level 1 course for MA-HTM.

EMP 4100 Catholic Social Teaching and Mission: Living the Values of the Reign of God

This course is one of three “integrating courses” that are built around several elements that make up the evangelizing mission of the church. Integrating courses integrate the four perspectives that make up the foundational courses: pastoral identity, methodological skill, contextual awareness and knowledge of Christian Tradition. The focus of this particular course is the tradition of the social teaching of the Catholic Church and how it contributes to the church’s mission of justice, peace, the integrity of creation, and reconciliation.

MP 4306 Pastoral Ministry: Developing Skills and Competencies for Cooperative Leadership (3 credits)
Explores ministry as an experience of accompaniment with shared responsibilities and accountabilities. Attention is given to means and resources for cultivating effective leadership styles, developing pastoral plans and strategies, creating and sustaining networks, and addressing conflict and boundary situations.

MP 4307 Pastoral Ministry: Care, Counseling, and Presence (3 credits)
Explores ministry from the perspectives of providing care, counseling, and presence within the context of a faith community. Each of these aspects of ministry is examined with respect to the skills, resources, networks, and theological understandings necessary for effective pastoral responses.

MPC 4308 Pastoral Care in an African-American Context (3 credits)
Explores the psychological and cultural elements that contributed to the formation of an African-American identity. The goal is a better understanding of the African-American experience and a greater sensitivity to the strength and needs of this cultural tradition. Students develop a better understanding/ability to minister in the African-American community.

MP 4309  Pastoral Ministry as Justice Praxis: Topic (credits 1.5, summer)
Explores the theological frameworks, means, and resources for empowering ministers and communities to engage justly on particular topics. Attention is given to Catholic social teaching as it is lived in witness and in practice. Practical skills and competencies include but are not limited to community organizing, preaching and teaching.

MP 4311 Pastoral Ministry across Generations (3 credits)
Explores theological frameworks, means and resources for ministering to individuals and communities across the age spectrum. Pastoral responses that address specific and developmental needs will be considered as well as those creating opportunities for nurturing healthy intergenerational relationships.

SMP4312 – Spirituality of Family for Ministry
This course takes a look at spirituality and ministry through the lens of family. It will begin by tracing the traditional as well as newer practices of spirituality and how they engage children and family. Next the course will explore elements of spirituality that are inherent in the experience of families. Finally students will develop a spiritual theology of ministry to inform how they respond ministerially to the spiritual needs of families in parish and community contexts.

MPC 5101 Pastoral Ministry in U.S. Asian and Pacific Island Contexts (3 credits)
Asian and Pacific Island populations are a growing presence within the U.S. Catholic church. This course explores the histories, experiences, and diversity of these communities and the implications for pastoral ministry.

MP 5102 Pastoral Ministry on Campus (3 credits)
Explores theological frameworks, means and resources for developing strategies, creating networks, and providing pastoral ministry in educational contexts and within academic communities.

MP 5103 Pastoral Ministry in Healthcare (3 credits)
Explores theological understandings and pastoral ministry within contexts of healthcare. This course seeks to better understand health and health care in a holistic way; to encourage advocacy on a variety of health-related issues; to promote wellness in all dimensions of health—mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. Attention will be given to means and resources for cultivating effective pastoral ministry with regards to issues and contexts such as aging, chronic illness, hospitals, hospice, mental health, and navigating the healthcare system.

MP 5104 Pastoral Ministry with Contemporary Families (3 credits)
Pastoral ministry with families involves sensitivity to diverse cultural backgrounds while being able to minister effectively in response to the many complex challenges families face such as addiction, domestic abuse, mental and physical health, aging, immigration, poverty and joblessness. This course prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary   to be more pastorally effective in accompanying contemporary families.

SMPC 5132/4132 – Black Spirituality as a Source for Ministry
Black spirituality engages the mind, heart and spirit in a dynamic union with the transcendent and immanent God, as experienced in the heart of community.  It is rooted in the history and experience of African American peoples in the United States.  Using various resources and methods (Prayers, preaching, song, spiritual autobiographies, biographies, slave narratives, spiritual interviews and film), this course will engage students in a critical examination of the roots, development and characteristics of the spirituality of African Americans, as well as a participative experience of Black spirituality as found in the religious expression of the community and ministries.