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Bachelor's Degree Equivalency

An applicant seeking admission to CTU who does not have a bachelor's degree, but who has extensive pastoral leadership experience and has taken several training programs and/or courses at the college level over a period of several years, may apply for an evaluation of BA equivalency. Accreditation standards limit the percentage of students without an undergraduate degree allowed both in admissions to the degree programs and in registrations in courses. A student successfully assessed for the equivalency would be free of those constraints.

An evaluation of BA equivalency happens concurrently with CTU’s standard admissions process. Prospective students should complete and submit all paperwork needed as a part of CTU’s standard admissions requirements.

In addition to CTU’s standard admissions process, those without a BA who wish to be granted BA equivalency must also provide:



Outcomes / Skills Demonstrated

1.      Copies of educational certificates and/or evaluations received (Archdiocesan/Diocesan programs, Lay Ministry Institutes, Community Organizing Training, Deaconate Formation, etc.) along with official transcripts from colleges and universities attended.

The applicant’s ability to engage and dialogue with complex topics, issues, and ideas is demonstrated by grades and cumulative grade point average in transcripts, and  successful completion of ongoing/continuing education opportunities.

2.      Written description of ministerial roles, such as RCIA Coordinator, Social Justice Advocate, Catechetical Leader, Pastoral Associate and/or other leadership roles.

 A breadth and depth of professional-level experiences inclusive of leadership, is demonstrated along with communication, problem-solving, interpersonal, and basic computation skills. 

3.      A letter of recommendation from a Pastor or professional supervisor with whom the applicant has worked.

The candidate’s professionalism and his/her professional competencies (e.g., decision-making skills, etc.) are confirmed.   

4.      A letter of recommendation from a facilitator of the prior educational training which addresses the applicant’s ability to engage in graduate level study for academic pursuits

The candidate’s aptitude for and propensity toward graduate-level study are verified.  Competency in bachelors-level work is attested.

5.      A five page typed essay addressing the following question: “How has my professional life and experience prepared me for graduate study at CTU?”

 Ability to express him/herself clearly in writing is demonstrated, including evidence of  reflective, critical thinking and analytical skills, development and organization of coherent written thoughts, and  adherence to standard grammar, spelling, and syntax. 

6.      A timeframe when the applicant is available for an interview with the appropriate program director

Ability to express him/herself clearly, process ideas, thoughts, and to analyze well when communicating orally through a verbal expression that is clear, logical, and organized.   

If you have questions about demonstrating bachelor's equivalency, or need more information, please contact:

Christine Henderson
Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 773.371.5450