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Winter 2012: Tempus in Re :: Time as Thing

Featuring the work of Jerry Bleem, O.F.M.

“While Listening to News of War,” 2009, ink on paper, 22.625” x 36.75”
"Verdigris (for LDB)", 2010, screen, paper, staples 21” x 18.5” x 20”

Tempus in Re :: Time as Thing, the Winter exhibition at the Mary-Frances and Bill Veeck Gallery, features the sculpture, drawings, and prints of artist Jerry Bleem. 

About the exhibit:

The work can be approached as an assemblage of marks that visually organize and create surfaces; these discrete stapled, drawn, sewn and printed lines might also be seen as a physical commentary on the human process of constructing coherence.  Time is a central consideration:  as method and context, recorded and embedded.

Time, a precious commodity in contemporary culture, has been used to measure worth [the familiar “time is money”] and employed as an organizing principle.  Bleem’s work, reduced to its essential components, chronicles the moments during which each of these non-monumental gestures was made.  His art practice seems devoted to expending time, making it matter, and describing it as abundant in contradistinction to its usual characterization.

Reconfiguring bits of plastic and paper with stapler and sewing machine, or piling up drawn and printed lines on an art magazine ad or banking brochure shifts our identification of the substrate.  Changed through time, through gestures executed in time, the prior substance is altered into an object with a purpose different from its original use.  Initial qualities, such as text, are now obscured and invite investigation rather than conveying specificity.

Bleem’s use of found materials likewise steps away from society’s typical interests in the exceptional to mine the history (even when only implied or imagined) of the everyday and the discarded.  This “palette” privileges the familiar and overlooked to raise issues of perception and evaluation.  As in many spiritual practices, noting the veracity of the ordinary presents a venue of meaning more expansive than focusing on the unique, the special.

January 23 - April 9, 2012.